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I’ve been working with Loch Lomond Wakeboard for about 5 years now, they are definitely up there with my longest running clients!

Loch Lomond Wakeboard




Like a lot of my lovely clients, I am their Graphic Designer of choice….unless of course they’re cheating on me! I’ve pretty much done everything for them, from the initial logo and brand, to flyers, leaflets, posters, banners, website designs, business cards, sub-brands, toothpaste layout……just checking you were still listening!! There’s no such things as toothpaste layout.

Recently they have opened a brand new, purpose built WakePark…right in the centre of blooming Glasgow no less! It is Scotland’s 1st Urban Wakepark, and is aptly named Glasgow WakePark! Given that Loch Lomond Wakeboard is Scotland’s 1st Wakeboard and Wakesurf school, they are setting the Scottish Wakeboard World on fire!

They needed a logo that remained very much part of the LLWB family, it had to be very obvious that it was part of this very successful company and strong brand. So essentially, we changed the words and the colours! I’m a freaking genius me!


Glasgow WakePark





Needless to say I’m not ‘blogging’ about this because of this logos ingenuity, but because I’m really proud of my business relationship with LLWB and I wanted to blow their trumpets for them!

Jolly good luck to them, they are lovely people…however I am STILL waiting on my much promised LLWB hoodie!! | Reeeeeeeaaaaad alll about it….

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