My toughest client yet!

posted on August 14th 2014 in Branding & Design with 0 Comments

Welcome to my new website and consequently…my new brand!

I have re-branded many many businesses, and with ease! In fact, I’m creating lovely new brands for some clients as I type!

I’ve looked at my logo and my website with a growly face for some time, and avoided rebranding because a) I didn’t have time and b) it was too big a task. I can easily get into the brains of someone else, have a wee root about and see what they have in mind, but getting inside my own brain I find impossible!

“How is that even possible?” I hear you cry “You live inside your brain, how can you not know what it contains?”

The simple answer is, I don’t know! I simply don’t understand!

Anyway, after much discussion with my fabulous marketing friend over at The Project Marketing Company, I decided that I was going to stick with Jen Harvey Design, and not change that part. The thing is, my name is no longer Jen Harvey, I am now Jen Scott and have been for nearly 4 years – so I’m essentially a schizophrenic! But, I am known for being Jen Harvey & it’s done me proud over the last 6 years, so give it the kudos it deserves and keep it!

So that decision was made….now a new logo! Well my brain couldn’t even compute that! I have thought about hiring someone to create me a new one as I literally couldn’t see the wood for the trees, but that’s ridiculous! I am a designer, surely I know what I want?! No I don’t, I really don’t! Maybe I’m too close to ‘me’ to be able to see my own vision, or maybe you just need to step away from it all to see the big picture – something I’m not able to do right now.

And so….I kept it simple, I kept it inline with my old logo & I really like it – so that’s good! I’ll stick to designing other peoples logos from now on and when I win the lotto I’ll have someone else re-brand me!


I'm Jen, the Owner/Designer/Creator at Jen Harvey Design. I love anything creative & clever! I love my pit, relaxing after the rugrats have been locked in their cages, watching TV, wine, curry, spicy food, going to the Gym to release my inner Goddess (still not found her) & spending time with my family and friends.

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