Jen Scott

My name is Jen. I am a Freelance Graphic Designer & Photographer based in Glasgow.

I work mostly for SME’s & start-ups, creating lovely new brands to make them shine!

I’m qualified at Hons Degree level in Interior Design and Post Graduate Level (with distinction if I were to blow my own trumpet!) in Multimedia Communications. Having worked for the same fabulous company for 5 years, I decided to go it alone, after all you only live once! I’ve been Freelance for 9 years now and have never looked back!

I work for myself, and that means that I can offer agency quality design at freelance prices. With me, you get me….you won’t get shunted around from one designer to another. You’ll get my undivided attention, my ability to excavate your brain and create exactly what you’re after, and my dedication and unwavering attention to detail!

But more importantly, I have great ideas, I’m utterly dedicated & committed (not in a padded cell kind of way!) and I strongly believe that any business, big or small, brand spanking new or not quite off the ground yet, should have a brand worth shouting about.

If you don’t love it, change it!

  • My Skills - Graphic Design, Branding, Photography, Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom
  • My Equipment - iMac 21", Canon 6D, Canon 85mm 1.8, Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 DG, Canon 70-200mm 4.0, my brain
  • My Likes - Nice people, sunny days, my camera, red wine
  • My Dislikes - Rude people, rainy days, wasps, moths, mince & bananas
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