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posted on September 23rd 2014 in Branding & Design with 0 Comments

Having had 2 meetings last week, it occurred to me that I’d forgotten to order, or even design, new business cards! I’m not right bright sometimes! I had a shiny new website, a nice new logo….and business cards that didn’t match! A travesty! I looked back on my old cards, which I had to begrudgingly hand over, and wondered why I’d stuck with all the ‘old’ for so long!

You see I tire of myself quite quickly (as I’m sure many people do!), what I thought looked lovely at the time, now makes me feel unnerved and frankly ‘yeeeuuuch’ and a little itchy. So I set about designing and ordering some new cards pretty quick smart. I’d heard about through various sources and given I could order a short run, they seemed like the peeps to use. So I went for the square cards that I could create various different backs for, which seemed like a fun idea! Depending of course, on what your idea of fun is! I don’t get out much, so this was pretty freaking fun!

I wanted to use the backs to say ‘hello’ in various different ways (I’m friendly that way) so decided upon 6 differently coloured backs just to brighten the old black and white brand up a tad, and 6 different ‘hello’s’.

Now my clients can either pick a card (any card), or depending on their level of seriousness, I may decide upon a simple ‘hello’ version. Not sure how well ‘sup?’ would go down with some people!

So here they are, my lovely new cards, which I think are the dugs **** (as they say here in Scotlandshire)  – now all I need are some more new clients to hand them over to!

IMG_0882 IMG_0887 IMG_0886 IMG_0883

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