Photography – my 4th baby!

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 I’ve always been into photography. For me, it’s so important to have a tangible, physical ‘blog’ of each your life, so that one day you can reminisce about happy memories, things you’ve forgotten, brownie camps, 1st days at school etc, 21st birthdays, trips abroad!

A photograph is a little snapshot of time that captures a very special moment – it freezes that moment and you can enjoy it over and over again for like EVER! Photographs can evoke such strong emotions, they can make you cry or laugh – you can stare at them for ages and remember with such clarity that single moment in time. Without them, it’s so easy to forget. Life moves fast, chapters change, babies grow & loved ones sadly move on, or relocate to ‘heaven’. But with a photograph you always have that tangible little selection of pixels that make you remember and allow you to hold onto those little somethings that meant so much.


And so after years of yearning, I recently bought my first DSLR – a Canon EOS 100D – the 4th child. The camera I’ve always wanted! And I am not disappointed! I then discovered (through one of my clients) the fabulous Julie Christie, who offers workshops for ‘enthusiasts’ like me, who just love photography. Julie is a portrait photographer, and that’s her bag. She doesn’t claim to be any other type of photographer, portraits are what she’s great at. I have never understood the science of photography, it baffled me & I wanted to take beautiful pictures of my loved ones outside of auto mode. So up I popped very early one sunday morning, and drove the 60 odd miles to Dundee to Julies Beginners Workshop. A whole day, just me and my camera (and 10 other camera pervs!) it was bliss, and it was fantastic – I loved every minute of it and it (mostly!) makes sense now! If you love photography, I can highly recommend that you go!

And so occasionally I’m going to share my photography journey on here simply because I love it!

These are a couple of my favourites so far!IMG_5391IMG_5649

IMG_3265 IMG_4766 IMG_0541


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