Graphic Design

It’s true what they say, image is everything. If you’re in business that is. Don’t let yours down with bad design. It won’t thank you for it.

“A business that increases its investment in design is more than twice as likely to see its turnover grow as a business that does not do so”

That’s a fact. This evidence comes from the Design Council’s research on the use of and attitudes to design among UK businesses and shows that design can have a positive effect on all business performance indicators, from turnover and profit to market share and competitiveness.

Did you know that for every £100 a ‘design alert’ business spends on design increases their turnover by £225? It’s true. You look great, you win more business.

Creating an identity for your business could be the most powerful tool you invest in. The way you are perceived, and therefore the way you promote your business design-wise, is absolutely crucial.