Domains and Hosting

No idea where to start with this? Me either. (kidding!)

I can advise, help and/or take control of all of this for you! If you’re reading this and you know all about Hosting and Domains, then you can stop reading! If however, like many of my clients, you have not the first itsy bitsy clue…then read on!

Every website needs a web address – the technical term for this is a ‘domain name’ – simple!

You can get .coms,’s, .net’s,’s….and now to confuse matters even more, .justaboutanything’s! Well, that last one is an slight exaggeration, but you can get .guru, .photo, .company, .bike and even .sexy to name but a few! All of these ‘dot’s’ are called Domain Extensions (or gTLDs) and you can have as many or as few as you like – but you need to have at least one in order to have a website. Have a look at the new and exciting domains if you so please!

What is hosting then?

The way my little mind explains this is so; every website needs to sit on a little cloud on t’internet – each one of these little clouds requires you to ‘rent’ the space on said cloud. This is called hosting, and without it, your shiny new website has no where to rest its head.

So in conclusion, if you want a website, you will need a domain name and hosting…and a fabulous individual to create the website for you! That’s me! Hello!