Branding & Logo Design

“What IS branding?!” you say….stop confusing me with lingo that means nothing to me.

You hear everyone talk about it, but what is it?! (aside from something cowboys do to their cattle) And most importantly, why do you need a good one?

Your brand is not your logo. However, your logo is the cornerstone for your brand. It is the most important stone in your companies structure and your brand will grow from this. Your brand is the ‘flavour’ of your business.

“A brand is a person’s emotional response. It’s the individuals “gut feeling” about your company, product or service”. (Marty Neumeier, Brand Expert).

If your company isn’t creating the right emotional response from people, they may look elsewhere for a flavour that does!

So, whether you’re just starting out and need to set the world on fire, or have been around for a while but think you need a new ‘flavour’, I can help. I’d love to!